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We have upgraded to a more stable, reliable SUPPORT TICKET SYSTEM to better serve you! Customer service is very important to us, and it is the epitome of our business model. We are constantly striving to implement better systems to help us help you better.

This system is very similar to our previous setup, except it implements more features, has 99.9% up-time, better email deliverability, amongst many more advantages. You can view our "Forum" (aka Knowledgebase aka FAQ) section below this page to better help answer some commonly asked questions. Or to submit a ticket, please click the "SUBMIT A REQUEST" link near the top to submit a support ticket to our staff. We have also created a shortcut form on virtually every page of our site, so you can submit a request without leaving your current page. To do so, simply click the "Support" tab to the left side of the page to see the pop-up form, which you can fill out and submit to our new support system. Further, you can still email us at support [at] to automatically open a ticket.

You can still track all requests (aka tickets) by clicking the "CHECK YOUR EXISTING REQUESTS" link near the top. This will be very useful since you can always view the ticket, make updates, view updates from our staff, etc. even if email notifications do not reach your inbox for whatever reason.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or "SUBMIT A REQUEST!"

All the best!



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